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Smart Water: Siemens brings forth solutions for smart water supply network management and energy efficiency

03 November 2014

The “Smart Water” event, which was recently held by Siemens in Athens, brought forth the    modern challenges, the future trends and the best practices in the field of water management. The relative presentations focused on the optimization of water supply network management, stressing the need for resource and energy savings.

 Over 100 representatives from companies and competent bodies, as well as Siemens’ customers and partners participated in the event and the open discussion that followed.

During the presentations, examples on the implementation of automation solutions on water supply networks were analyzed and the significant benefits achieved through these interventions were highlighted. Moreover, in a special exhibition area, the participants had the opportunity to see solutions for the management of water supply networks from certified Siemens partners.

In this context, the company’s executives presented the special features of the global  Siemens Solution Partner program, emphasizing on the benefits it offers to participants. Also, they described the ways Siemens’s know-how is transferred to its certified partners and how the quality of customer services is secured in the long-run.

From their side, the speakers focused on the field’s future trends and challenges. With the demand for water increasing constantly, there is a need for solutions able to cover the needs of the global population. According to relevant studies, only in the greater Athens region, the annual water demand increase rate reaches 6%. At the same time, according to the predictions, Greece is expected to report an 18% precipitation drop within the period of 2021 – 2050 [i]. The over-exploitation of groundwater, along with the non-uniform time and spatial water availability that is also recorded in Greece, are expected to aggravate the problem of water shortfalls during the summer months in specific areas. Emphasis was also given to the significantly high rates of water consumption for irrigation in Greece, which reaches 84% - 86% of the total available water.

For these reasons, the need for leveraging technology and automation becomes imperative, as this approach enhances the capability of water supply companies to make the correct decisions about the best ways to operate their facilities. In this context, water resources and energy savings can be achieved, something that is a key prerequisite for cities’ sustainable development.

With SIWA decision making support systems and the smart meters of Siemens, the optimization of network management in cities and the control of leakages are being achieved, among others. With the smart meters and the proper management of the collected data, modern cities can manage water supply networks in an intelligent manner, achieving the undisrupted supply with high quality water.

“Today, the world needs today drastic solutions to effectively address the important challenges that will appear in the field of water resources management. We are very proud that – along with our partners – we can offer cutting-edge technology solutions, which are necessary for the smart management of water supply networks”, said Konstantin Zois, General Manager, Industrial divisions, Siemens S.A. “Based on the expertise and the leading position of Siemens in the global market, we organized this very interesting event, which gave us the opportunity to discuss with customers, partners and organizations about the challenges and trends in the management of water supply networks”, added Mr. Zois.

Marie Agaliotou