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Siemens brings forth the benefits of building automation

19 November 2014

The informative events held by the building automation division of Siemens in Athens and Thessaloniki were successfully completed. More than 170 specifiers and Siemens partners took part in the presentations on the new systems and their effect on energy efficiency, showing intense interest.

During the events, Mr. Giorgos Kottaras, Director, Building Technologies Products and Systems at Siemens SA, brought forth the company’s long history and strong expertise in this field, with thousands of installed-base projects in Greece and worldwide. Mr. Kottaras also referred to the special features and benefits offered by Siemens’ innovative and comprehensive portfolio. Siemens’ HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) product series covers all needs, as it comprises of central control systems, standard building automations, thermostats, sensors, valves and actuators, damper actuators, variable speed drives and meters.

Emphasis was given to Desigo CC, Siemens’ new software for Building Management Systems, as well as on wireless fire detection. Desigo CC brings sets a new milestone in building management, providing combined monitoring and control of diverse tasks from a single management station. It is a comprehensive, open, efficient, flexible and easy-to-use software, offering multiple benefits to the user.

Moreover, SWING system for wireless fire detection is ideal for applications where interferences must be limited, such as historic and preserved buildings, hotels and industrial facilities where wiring works cannot take place.

‘’The Building Technologies Division of Siemens Greece can significantly contribute in project requiring advanced technological solutions through its experienced team of expert engineers and its top partners’ network. Our vision is to contribute to energy efficient buildings that facilitate people’s everyday life and protect the environment,” commented Mr. Kottaras.

Building automation products and systems are part of Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio. Today, about 43 percent of the company’s total revenue stems from green products and solutions, which makes Siemens one of the world’s leading providers of eco-friendly technologies.

Marie Agaliotou