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Siemens presented its cutting edge solutions for industrial applications and automations

17 July 2014

The established informative events of the Siemens Industry Sector were successfully completed in Athens and Thessaloniki, on June 18 and 23, respectively. About 600 industry executives and Sie-mens’ customers had the opportunity to get briefed on the latest developments and the Sector’s in-novative products and systems.

During the events, customers and partners from the fields of industry, technical companies, consul-tancy firms, engine manufacturers, technical education and state technical services attended the presentations of Siemens executives, showing significant interest. Specifically, the Heads of the In-dustry Sector and its Divisions described the special features of Siemens’ latest industrial products and solutions.

“We are very happy to see that the annual events of the Siemens Industry Sector have been well established in market. The events are a unique opportunity for us to come closer with our customers and partners and present our comprehensive portfolio. Our portfolio, which includes innovative products, cutting edge technologies and pioneering services, highlights Siemens’ role as a global leader in industry and automations,” said Mr. Konstantinos Zois, General Director, Industry Sector, Siemens S.A. .

In his speech, Mr. Zois referred to Siemens’ goal to build on the emerging trend of digitalization. With the use of software and simulations, the Digital Factory concept now makes product development significantly faster and more efficient.

The presentations focused on the Totally Integrated Automation portfolio and the mobile applications of the Industry Sector. The new products and innovations that were presented, include the new SIMATIC S7-1500 and Logo 8! controllers, Human Machine Interface devices and software, indus-trial communications-networks systems, industrial type computers, Safety technology and power supplies. The new field measurement instruments that measure pressure, temperature, flow and level were also presented. Moreover, emphasis was given to the SIRIUS control components, which constitute reliable solutions for all automations. The attendees had the chance to find out that Sie-mens sets new standards in safety, with its new products for low voltage power distribution. The speakers highlighted the special benefits of energy efficient Sinamics Drives and the new series of SIMOTIC motors, which report enhanced performance. Moreover, the comprehensive services port-folio of the Siemens Industry Sector was presented, which covers the full range of the Industry Sec-tor’s products throughout their life circle.

During both events, the attendees had the chance to see special demo displays of Siemens’ industrial products and systems. At the same time, they exchanges views with the company’s experts, who provided them with detailed insights.

Marie Agaliotou