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Prix Galien award for Siemens’ revolutionary solution MIYABI

20 April 2015

Siemens was granted the renowned Prix Galien award for its innovative solution Combined Suite for Angio-CT or Angio-MR Integrated Diagnostic Imaging”, with the brand name MIYABI, in the category “Best Diagnostic Tool or Machine or Bio-indicator or Medical Product”. The Prix Galien awards, which took place this year for the second time in Greece, are one of the most important events in the global medical industry, as the international scientific community considers them equal to the Noble Prizes. It is noted that Siemens had participated in the first organization of Prix Galien in Greece, in 2013, in the same category.

Siemens MΙΥΑΒΙ combines an Angiographic X-Ray (AX) system with a Computer Tomography (CT) system or a Magnetic Resonance (MR) system. This combined suite integrates diagnostic imaging with therapeutic interventions and thus, gives the ability to merge the advantages of both modalities. This way, the awarded solution offers a wide range of diagnostic and intervention possibilities, increased workflow efficiency and an overall improvement of patient treatment and care.

More specifically, Siemens MIYABI offers detailed diagnostic information to the angiographic lab – when necessary – in order to take valid decisions, with high time precision, regardless of a patient's breath-hold capabilities. At the same time, the system offers top imaging capabilities, using cutting-edge technology. This way, for example, it can fully cover the liver and feeding arteries with just one scan.

In addition, it offers high quality grey-scale resolution for soft tissue visualization with or without contrast. The innovative combination of medical modalities and systems that is used by Siemens MIYABI increases the efficiency and the safety of minimally invasive interventions requiring precise guidance; and thus, there is no need to transfer a patient from CT or MR to an angio suite and in complex needle-guided procedures.

The innovative Siemens MIYABI system brings together cutting-edge angiographic and MRI technologies in a unique manner for the medical sector, something which makes it an excellent review tool each time that a combined angio and MRI information is clinically important.

On the occasion of the award granted to Siemens MIYABI, Mr. Georgios Panagiotarakos, General Manager, Healthcare, Siemens Greece, said: “We feel really honored and excited to be awarded with a Prix Galien, a significant and internationally renowned award. This award reflects our dedication in research and innovation. By developing top-level imaging and diagnostic systems and by leveraging cutting-edge technology, Siemens’ goal is to be a valuable and reliable partner for every doctor and healthcare professional, as well as a key factor for patients’ care and quality of life”.

The Prix Galien awards bring forth the top medical achievements across the world, as well as solutions that lead to a quality-of-life upgrade or save lives, through the development of innovative medicines and diagnostic tools. A thorough and demanding evaluation procedure is followed, in order to secure that the best solutions and products are awarded. This year, Prix Galien awards were organized under the auspices of the National Foundation for Research, the Medical Association of Athens, the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, the Association of Hellenic Pharmaceutical Enterprises, the Athens Association of Physicians and the Hellenic Banking Association.

Marie  Agaliotou