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Siemens helps laboratories to enhance workflow efficiencies and patient outcome

28 January 2015

First Forum on Workflow and Clinical Excellence

• In vitro diagnostics affects up to 70% of all critical clinical decisions.
• Over 9 billion diagnostic tests are run annually and over 800 million patients are diagnosed each year with Siemens systems and assays.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics helps clinical laboratories over the world to enhance workflow efficiencies and patient outcomes uniting Workflow and Clinical Excellence. A conference organized by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in collaboration with Hospital Clinic Barcelona will be held in Barcelona the 25th and 26th November with European laboratory managers to give them a good opportunity to share their own experiences and to learn from well-recognized speakers on the topic “Workflow and Clinical Excellence”.

The diagnostics industry in general and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in particular have a global impact on millions of lives each year: over 9 billion diagnostic tests are run annually and over 800 million patients are diagnosed each year with Siemens systems and assays.

In vitro diagnostics are at the heart of clinical decision making and affect up to 70% of all critical clinical decisions, such as whether to admit, discharge and/or initiate therapy for a patient. However, today healthcare environment puts more pressure on all types of diagnostic laboratories to contain costs, to operate with fewer lab technicians and to manage with smaller budgets.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is uniquely positioned to help customers to address these challenges in the clinical diagnostics arena.  By Uniting Workflow and Clinical Excellence, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics helps clinical laboratories over the world to enhance workflow efficiencies and enhance patient outcomes.

Siemens, a partnership with their customers at each stage of their laboratory project 
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics relationship with its customers goes beyond the sale or the instrument or assay. Through its customer care portfolio, the company provides a full spectrum of resources available pre, during and post sale. These resources are made up of 3 key elements: Services and Support, Education and Training, and Workflow Management with staff dedicated to support customer at every touch point – a seamless extension of its staff throughout the lifecycle of its instrument.

“We are witnessing a new era in healthcare where clinical decision-making is being reshaped by rapid advances in science and technology. Innovative diagnostic solutions that unite clinical and workflow excellence will ultimately change the way patient care is delivered”,  says Michael Reitermann, CEO, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. 

According to Joan Martin, Head of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics South West Europe, “the needs of our customers keep evolving demanding more efficiency, productivity and clinical value. Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics organization in every country must evolve together with the specific needs of its customers”.

Biomedical Diagnostic Centre’s CORE laboratory of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
The Biomedical Diagnostic Centre’s CORE laboratory opened in May 2014. The laboratory integrates all the steps in the analytical process and includes all laboratory speciality tests. It will be one of the most innovative and sophisticated laboratories worldwide, handling more than 5,000 samples per day, including emergency testing and a larger number of tests, and will save 1.6 million euros in the next eight years.

The new CORE laboratory is a renovation of the automated chain installed 12 years ago, when it was a cutting-edge facility, and incorporates all the new developments that have arisen from those 12 years of experience. During that time, the CORE laboratory was Siemens’ leading European centre and was visited by representatives of over 450 laboratories worldwide. Specific training courses for other international centers were also provided there.

Siemens’ new Aptio chain includes such important new features as the integration of urgent and routine samples, the inclusion of pre- and post-analytical procedures, and analyzers for all specialties. The laboratory thus has a more agile structure that will considerably increase its production capacity and efficiency.

“The new chain will enable us to integrate the Emergency Laboratory, which will be robot-controlled, taking maximum advantage of the benefits of automation and thus reducing the time required for urgent analyses. It will also increase patient safety, as the system minimizes the possibility of error through integral management of all the steps in the analytical process”, says Dr. Josep Lluís Bedini from Hospital Clinic Barcelona.

With these new facilities, after twelve years and more than 450 visits from laboratories worldwide, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and becomes consolidated as a European leader in patient safety and efficiency.

About Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics delivers solutions that optimize workflow of most of Clinical Laboratory specialties. From Clinical Chemistry to Immunoassays, from Hematology to Coagulation and Molecular testing, Point of Care and of course Laboratory Automation and IT. The company is also passionate about clinical excellence, which means enabling the best in-patient care by continuously delivering new tests and technologies to support clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of conditions across a wide range of disease states. Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics comprehensive portfolio today provides the menu breadth with more than 900 assays needed for clinical excellence, across all of the human body’s interrelated systems.

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