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Siemens presented the trends in building management using automation, at ASHRAE’s conference

01 June 2016

  • New techniques of installations’ dynamic design, using material simulation

  • Building Energy Management System

The Building Automation division of Siemens Greece participated in the Technical Conference in Thessaloniki, held by the Hellenic Chapter of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and took place on May 14th in the Auditorium of the TCG/SCM.

ASHRAE Conference entitled "Energy in Buildings - North Greece" was organized with great success and participation of 15 distinguished speakers, university professors and business executives.

Stavros Boultadakis, in charge of the promotion of Building Energy Management and Savings Systems of Siemens Building Automation Division, presented the "Current trends in building management using automation," referring to the new generation of Central Control Systems (BMS), which enables the management of all building functions through a single platform. Features include (apart from control and supervision of HVAC installations) the complete control and management of fire detection systems for closed circuit security and CCTV control for access control systems etc. He also talked about the new developments in buildings’ energy management through smart online platforms, and developed new installations’ design dynamic techniques using advanced material simulation models.

The Conference ended with an open discussion with ASHRAE’s first Student Hellenic Chapter of West Macedonia’s Technological Educational Institute (TEI), on the role of students in shaping the future.

Siemens has been a constant sponsor of ASHRAE for the last years.

Elisavet-Vasiliki Sachinidou