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Industrial applications & products in Industry 4.0 era by Siemens

05 December 2016

The Digital Factory and Process Industries & Drives Divisions of Siemens A.E. organized two events in Thessaloniki and Athens, in late October, regarding technological solutions and Siemens' products, as well as global trends in the field of industrial applications, in the presence of 500 of the company's customers. The issue of Machinery Safety was specifically underlined during the events and the participants had the opportunity to visit the demo truck, in which, field instruments, analyzers and process automation systems were showcased, while it was mounted at the venue’s outer space, as part of its European tour.

Mr. Konstantin Zois, General Manager of Digital Factory / Process Industries & Drives of  Siemens Greece, focused on Industry 4.0. The convergence of the real and virtual world creates the so called "cyber-physical" systems, which define Industry 4.0 solutions. In particular, this convergence enables the creation of  personalized or mass customized products, highly flexible production, customer and partner integration in order to create further value, financial benefits as well as benefits regarding efficiency, and quality improvement in multiple levels. Moreover, the aim of Industry 4.0 is the smart factory, which is caracterized by versatility, efficiency and comprehensive digital integration through the use of smart robots and machines, big data, «cyber-physical» systems, a new quality of digital and real world convergence, energy efficiency and decentralized systems.

Regarding the readiness of Greece to adopt Industry 4.0, according to Roland Berger surveys presented at the events, it was noted that considering its industrial excellence (based on criteria such as quality of the production process, automation levels, workforce’s readiness and innovation’s intensity) as well as its value network, Greece is in the lowest place among the European countries.

Event guest Mr. Vasilis Reppas, Industrial Safety Director at Ergonomia SA, a company cooperating with Siemens, focused on the importance of Machinery Safety, risk reduction measures, risk management via Safexpert and the process of establishing and implementing safety measures.

Both events concluded with a discussion regarding Siemens’ specialized services, security processes and its new products with integrated security functions. Moreover, during both events, a series of reliable solutions for any industrial automation and Siemens' innovative products were presented, as well as services for the product’s entire lifecycle, products for industrial testing, for energy distribution, tools for motors performance comparison, mechanical drives and Integrated Drive systems services.

Finally, there was reference to the presence of Siemens in the largest exhibition for the industry, Hannover Messe 2016, where the company presented the ways by which the industry can benefit from virtual and real world’s convergence.

Elisavet-Vasiliki Sachinidou