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Event on "International Trade Controls and consequences of non-compliance"

05 October 2016

At the recent event of the "Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry" on "International Trade Controls & consequences of non-compliance" was highlighted the necessity of creating and maintaining an uniform code of practice with respect to export control and customs policy to ensure the implementation of the regulations of the internal corporate code by applying an "Export Control via an Internal Compliance Program" in Greece.

Representatives and member-companies of the "Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry" were informed by the speakers of the event, Mrs. Ourania Papageorgiou, Head of the Department of Special Regimes of Exports, Trade Coordination and Trade Regimes Division, Directorate-General of International Economic and Trade Policy of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism (national competent authority for the licensing of goods under the export control regime) and Mr. Konstantinos Liagouras, Export Control & Customs Officer ECC ONE Greece, SIEMENS SA, who consider essential the implementation of both the relevant international trade rules, as well as those that constitute the EU framework.

Mr. Liagouras furthermore presented the practical implementation of the uniform and binding program - for all SIEMENS companies worldwide - "Internal Control Program on Export Control and Customs". The "Internal Control Program on Export Control and Customs" aims at complying with the EU regulations, national regulations, the US regulations and specific internal regulations of the company, as well as early perceiving suspicious business activities thereby protecting the products and the services of the company from illegal use by third-parties. At the same time avoid imposing sanctions to the person responsible for the company, who according to the law is the CEO, safeguarding the reputation of the company and protecting it from the entry in the "Table of sanctions for natural and legal persons", underlined Mr. Liagouras.

Elisavet-Vasiliki Sachinidou