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Siemens at ASHRAE’s seminar in Athens

19 May 2016

Siemens’s Building Technologies Division participated in the technical seminar hosted by Hellenic chapter of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) on April 20, at a central Athens hotel.

Mr Giorgos Voulvoutzis, Siemen’s Controls Products & Systems Sales Engineer

The event was very successful, involving 200 industry professionals who attended the presentations on “Hydraulics in HVAC systems”.

Siemens, which has been ASHRAE’s constant sponsor for the last years, had a strong presence, developing the issue of efficient operation of hydraulic circuits through appropriate control valves.

Mr Giorgos Voulvoutzis, Siemen’s Controls Products & Systems Sales Engineer, spoke for the theme of “Hydraulic Networks Control Technologies”. Mr Voulvoutzis made a special reference to thefundamental hydraulic circuits of HVAC installations. He highlighted the importance of correct sizing of valves and stressed the importance and the way for a proper actuator selection.

Moreover, he presented the market’s trends and spoke for  the automatic balancing valves, which not only contribute to the hydraulic circuit’s proper function, but also to energy saving.
Finally, he made reference to different valve groups such as seat valves, magnetic valves, slipper valves, ball and shutoff valves as well as to 6-port control valves.

Siemens also participated at ASHRAE’s respective seminar in Thessaloniki, on May 15th, 2016.

Elisavet-Vasiliki Sachinidou