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Siemens Italy lays the first stone of its new headquarter

29 September 2016

  • Τhe presence of the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Siemens Italy announced the construction of its new 15,000 sqm building, to be ready by 2018

  • Symbol of innovation and sustainability, the project is the heart of a wider urban development plan – which comprises 86,000 sqm of private ownership and 1,700 employees

  • CEO Golla: “It will be a city for all employees, but not only”

A total area of 86,000sqm which will host 1,700 employees in 32,000sqm of offices - both new and refurbished - realized according to modern concepts of smart working, and with a total investment of about 40 million euro: these are the numbers of the ambitious and innovative project of new Siemens Italy headquarter. Today, in Milan, in front of national and local press, stakeholders and institutions - including the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi - the ceremony of the lay down of the first stone took place. This is the official inauguration of the works which will lead, by 2018, to the construction of the new building, the heart of a larger urban requalification project which includes: the renovation of existing buildings and the creation of a 25,000sqm green area - where about 400 trees will be planted and with lounge areas for employees such as vegetable gardens. The project will also provide the improvement of road accesses in Via Vipiteno district and the construction of a new sports facility - these two interventions in agreement with the Municipality of Milan.

It is certified LEED GOLD (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the innovative Class A Green Building that the company led by Federico Golla wanted. The building was designed by the architectural firm Barreca and La Varra and will be implemented by Percassi of Bergamo.

The structure, presented today, will be built in Via Vipiteno next to an existing building, which will be integrated and connected with the new building. In the inside there will be a gym, a training center, a conference room and spaces for socializing and creating ideas. A new philosophy of working space that leads people in the office not only to conduct its business but even to socialize and interact. The aim is to add an informal level to the professional one, to encourage the exchanges and to facilitate communication. Workers’ autonomy and freedom are elements that Siemens Italy carries forward from 2011, when it decided to implement an innovative model of work, more flexible and autonomous, giving the opportunity to its employees and collaborators to work in complete independence but, at the same time, with great individual responsibility.

"Our future headquarter will be an example of innovation and sustainability, investment bearer for Italy and for Milan, Siemens Italian home since 117 years - declares Federico Golla, President and CEO of Siemens Italy - The idea is to give our employees and the people who live in Milan, a kind of Siemens city, summarizing our philosophy of community of the future, which is made not only of work but also of communion, integration, mutual exchange and environmental protection."

The future imagined by Golla is the one outlined in Siemens Vision 2020 program. This year the company celebrates its two hundredth anniversary of the birth of its founder, Werner von Siemens. One of the major elements of the program concerns the transformation of Siemens in the first major industrial company with zero emissions by 2030, with a first intermediate target of 50% reduction of C02 emission levels by 2020. Part of the new corporate Vision are also the efforts and the investments that will contribute to the growth of Siemens worldwide as a leader in the fields of automation, digitalization and electrification. It is a long-term vision which aims to make the company the protagonist of what has been named as the fourth industrial revolution, through sustainability and energy efficiency policies, businesses’ digitalization and through the development of intelligent infrastructures.

An incentive for innovation which results in trust and support to young talents, as for example in the case of the new reception project: indeed, Siemens Italy decided to invite young designers from all over the world to contribute to the design of the future lobby of the new headquarter. Over ten projects have been presented. The one selected will be integrated in the planning in order to create a new environment, disconnected from the traditional concept of the lobby but based on hospitality and openness’ values which are part of Siemens.

Libeskind “The Wings” in the forthcoming Siemens Italy headquarter

The sinuous and monumental aluminum sculpture "The Wings" by Daniel Libeskind will complete the aesthetics of the entrance of Siemens Italy future headquarter, which will built by 2018 in Milan, in Via Vipiteno 4.

Accessible to the public, the sculpture will be an integral part of the new concept of Siemens "open building", as a space for meetings and integration.

"The Wings" is one of the four identical sculptures created by the architect and artist Daniel Libeskind and commissioned by Siemens specifically for Expo Milan 2015. Admired by millions of visitors, the architectural works were located in the heart of the Universal Exhibition, in Piazza Italia, that is to say in the intersection of the two streets Cardo and Decumano.

Fascinating in its geometrical evolution, the sculpture is 10 meters high, weighs 14 tons and is made up of three sinuous "wings" of brushed aluminum that intertwine and develop a spiral towards the outside in a plastic movement that interprets and crystallizes the "mystery" of birds flight.


Elisavet-Vasiliki Sachinidou