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New models and features for Siemens OpenAir damper actuators

08 December 2016

  • New actuator models with torques of 5 and 10 Nm

  • Communicating air damper actuators with Modbus RTU

  • Quick integration into building automation systems

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has added new models and features to its line of OpenAir damper actuators. The new communicating air damper and ball valve actuators with torques of 5 and 10 Nm communicate via Modbus RTU. Point-to-point wiring is no longer necessary, saving time and money during commissioning and allowing quick integration into building automation systems. In addition, this enables remote access and comprehensive diagnosis and analysis, which in turn supports preventive maintenance and, if needed, quick error detection.

A variety of standard models are now equipped with patented low-noise motor technology < 30 dB(A). Other new features include a left/right switch that allows the direction of rotation to be changed without added cabling effort as well as an automatic end stop detection which results in higher energy efficiency and lower operating costs. In addition, devices with AC/DC power supply and high variability are also available, which makes them suitable for any low-voltage application.
The state-of-the-art OpenAir damper actuators are quick and easy to install thanks to one-screw shaft attachment using a self-centering shaft adapter and offer impressive durability and a long product life with approximately five million partial cycles. Like all devices in the OpenAir family, the new damper actuators have a printed data matrix code that allows instant online access to product information (datasheets, installation instructions etc.).

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