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Earnings Release Q3 FY 2017(April 1 to June 30, 2017):Fully on track for another strong year

03 August 2017

"Our global team delivered a solid quarter with revenue up 8% and net income growing by 7%. Our digital enterprise business impressively underscored its leading position in the market. We are fully on track with Vision 2020 and for another strong year",said Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG.

  • Revenue rose 8% compared to Q3 FY 2016, to €21.4 billion, including a strong performance by short-cycle businesses

  • Orders came in 6% lower, at €19.8 billion, due to sharply lower volume from large orders at Power and Gas and at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, the business resulting from the merger of Siemens’ wind power business with Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica S.A. (Gamesa) beginning with Q3 FY 2017; the book-to-bill ratio for Siemens overall was 0.93

  • On a comparable basis, excluding currency translation and portfolio effects, revenue rose 3% and orders were 9% lower

  • Profit Industrial Business rose 3% to €2.3 billion; as expected, negative merger and acquisition effects related to Gamesa
    and Mentor Graphics Corporation (Mentor Graphics) reduced Industrial Business profit margin to 10.4%

  • Net income rose 7%, to €1.5 billion; basic earnings per share (EPS) of €1.74, up from €1.64 in Q3 FY 2016 despite negative merger and acquisition effects

  • Orders down due to a sharply lower volume from large orders year-over-year, particularly in Power and Gas and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy; orders rose significantly excluding the change in large order volume

  • Industrial Business order backlog remained at €117 billion, as an increase from portfolio transactions was partly offset by negative foreign currency translation effects

  • Revenue increased in the majority of industrial businesses,including sharp growth at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy due to the merger, as well as double-digit growth in Mobility and Digital Factory; revenue was up in all three reporting regions; as expected, significant decline in Power and Gas in contracting markets

  • Portfolio transactions added three percentage points to order development and six percentage points to revenue growth;foreign currency translation effects had a minimal negative effect on volume development year-over-year

  • Profit Industrial Business rose on improvements in the majority of the industrial businesses; Healthineers and Digital Factory made the largest contributions to profit and profit improvement, the latter on an excellent performance in its short-cycle businesses; as expected, Industrial Business profit margin development was clearly impacted by negative effects related to the acquisition of Mentor Graphics in Digital Factory and the merger with Gamesa into Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, amounting to 0.6 percentage points; also as expected, profit in Power and Gas declined in a highly competitive market environment

  • Income from continuing operations and Net income: outside Industrial Business, amortization of intangible assets acquired in business combinations climbed by €161 million to €339 million due mainly to the merger with Gamesa and the acquisition of Mentor Graphics; lower tax rate than in the prior-year period

  • Industrial Business generated strong Free cash flow in the first nine months of fiscal 2017, totaling €4.6 billion, up significantly from €3.5 billion in the prior-year period; Free cash flow from Industrial Business for the current quarter decreased to €1.397 billion from €1.914 billion in Q3 FY 2016; decline in Free cash flow was due mainly to Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, driven by a build-up of operating net working capital

  • ROCE declined due to a substantial increase in average capital employed, primarily resulting from the acquisition of Mentor Graphics and the merger with Gamesa


We confirm our expectations for fiscal 2017 presented with our results for Q2 FY 2017. We continue to expect modest growth in revenue, net of effects from currency translation and portfolio transactions, and anticipate that orders will exceed revenue for a book-to-bill ratio above 1. We expect the profit margin of our Industrial Business in the range of 11.0% to 12.0%, and basic EPS from net income in the range of €7.20 to €7.70.

This outlook includes portfolio changes already closed in the first nine months of fiscal 2017, particularly the acquisition of Mentor Graphics and the Gamesa merger, which burden Industrial Business profit margin and basic EPS from net income in fiscal 2017. The outlook continues to exclude charges related to legal and regulatory matters as well as potential burdens associated with pending portfolio matters.

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