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Siemens advances the digitalization of the real estate industry

29 August 2017

  • Digitalization increases the value and competitiveness of buildings

  • Siemens solutions leverage the improvement potential

  • Optimal use of building data creates perfect places

At this year’s Expo Real in Munich, Siemens will present solutions and services for the real estate industry under the motto “#CreatingPerfectPlaces”. Combining thelatest building technology with advanced analytics and digital services opens up a new dimension of building performance. Used consistently, the capabilities offered by digitalization meet all the requirements for sustainable, energy efficient, safe and comfortable buildings.This results in perfect places which increase the value and competitiveness of properties.

“With our integrated approach to strategic energy and resource management we help the real estate industry respond to changing market conditions, save costs and reduce risks,” says Eike-Oliver Steffen, head of the solutions business for the Siemens Building Technologies Division.

Siemens offers real estate companies broad-based support that allows them to transform buildings into high-performance assets which operate economically and reliably and generate higher returns. These efforts focus on four areas: the energy management network, infrastructure and facility data, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and the data management ecosystem resulting from linking all this data.

The building as an ecosystem

Energy management consolidates information about energy supply, costs and consumption as well as the energy behavior of properties in a smart network. This forms the basis for energy efficiency programs. The data can also be used for green building certifications, energy audits and compliance with energy efficiency directives. With their specific domain knowledge, Siemens experts ensure that the right data is used in order to create real added value.

The Desigo CC building management platform from Siemens greatly simplifies real estate management. It offers a wide range of monitoring, control and optimization features for heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as lighting, shading, security and fire safety. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and workplace management systems allow real estate managers to keep a close eye on all information about ownership status, user structure or vacancy rates. This makes it easy to check the financial success of real estate management at any time.

All information from this data pool is consolidated and linked in a data management ecosystem, ensuring complete transparency over the performance of the entire building stock. In addition, the definition of meaningful key performance indicators allow different properties to be compared, creating a solid decision-making basis for optimization measures.

At Expo Real, Siemens will demonstrate how “Creating Perfect Places” works in real life by showcasing reference examples and presenting digital technologies and advanced data analytics.

Elisavet-Vasiliki Sachinidou