SITOP modular

Technology Power Supply for Demanding Solutions


SITOP modular meets the highest requirements for functionality, e. g. for use in complex plants and machines. The wide-range input enables connection to any system in the world and reliably guarantees a high level of safety even in the event of large voltage fluctuations. The power boost function briefly supplies up to three times the rated current. In the case of an overload, you can choose between constant current with automatic restart, or latching shutdown.

The innovated 1-phase SITOP PSU100M 20 A, 3-ph SITOP PSU300M 20, 40 A power supply units and the new DC/DCconverter SITOP PSU400M 20A now offer even more. With their narrow profile design, they are some of the most compact modules in their power class and integrate well into different applications. Improvements include the integrated signaling contact for “24 V DC o.k.“, an expanded input range, high efficiency level, and a supply of 1.5 times the rated current for up to 5 seconds. The high energy conversion rate of at least 93 % increases efficiency.