ROBICON Perfect Harmony GH180

The Perfect Harmony of Performance, Process and Technology


In the ROBICON Perfect Harmony, a series of low-voltage cells are linked together to build the medium-voltage power output of the drive system. With this topology, the drive can be scaled precisely for a very wide range of voltage and output power. Additionally, the ROBICON Perfect Harmony offers increased availability because of its modular design and ability to bypass any one cell during operation while maintaining the full output voltage.

Furthermore, the integral transformer with phase-shifted secondaries provides 18-pulse or better input harmonic cancellation with a power factor above 0.95 under any operating conditions. This eliminates the need for input harmonic filters or power factor compensation, while completely avoiding any common-mode voltages from being imposed on the motor.

The quality of the output voltage is so close to perfect sine-wave shape that motors of literally any type – old or new, low-speed or high-speed – can be operated without any additional stress. Issues related to dU/dt, overheating and increased torsion vibrations are a thing of the past.

Technical data overview

Output voltage range:           

2.3 to 11 kV

Power range:

0.18 to 15.5 MVA (0.2 HP to 19000 HP)


Air-cooled drives up to 6.7 MW

Water-cooled drives up to 14.2 MW

Max. output frequency:

330 Hz standard

Open / closed loop control:

- sensorless vector control (optionally with sensor)

- communication with all current BUS systems

- automatic motor identification

- automatic start-up 

Degree of protection: 

 IP21 or higher, air cooling IP52 water cooling

Rules and standards: