With our service offerings we help industrial customers increase their productivity. Our portfolio includes product-related services and innovative service offerings to enable the operation of industrial plants with reliability and at the highest levels of profitability, efficiency and environmental compatibility.

We support our customers over the entire product lifecycle - with retrofit and repair services, technical support, online care, spare part management and commissioning services. We also offer services designed to increase energy efficiency and environmental compatibility, and for plant monitoring and management as well. Consulting and engineering as well as technical training round out the portfolio.

Whether for manufacturers, operators or maintenance service providers – integrated in a global network of experts and in cooperation with the customer, we create a service package that exactly fits the customer's needs and, if desired, can include all service management. Clear lines of responsibility ensure lower maintenance costs and greater transparency regardng costs and services delivered.

Technical Support Department

Technical Support is the department of Industry Sector that provides external customers with :

  • Technical support via phone and Support Request(Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 16:30 ).

  • Service (repairs, warranty, product return etc).

  • Technical Consulting in System configuration

The covered product spectrum is :

  • Simatic PLCs, Industrial Networks, ΗΜΙ / SCADA systems.

  • Process Instrumentation

  • Drive technologies

  • Control components

  • Low voltage components 

The scope of functions of Technical Support department also includes the preparation of demonstration systems, creation of step-by -step instructions for the initial start-up of systems, technical manuals in Greek Language etc.

You can contact Technical Support by phone (+30 210 6864777) or send a Support Request

In case a customer’s problem cannot be solved, then it is escalated to Siemens Headquarters for Technical Support in Germany, Daily operational, hours: (8:00 - 18:00)In Emergency Case, there is a possibility to have a fast response from Siemens Germany within 15min (prioritization). For this service you have to use the Siemens Industry Service Card for Technical Support premium services  24 hours a Day. The order numbers are:

  • 9LF1110-6DA11-1AA1 - Priority for 1 Case

  • 9LF1110-6DA11-5AA1 - Priority for 5 Cases

  • 9LF1110-6DA11-1BA1 - Priority for 10 Cases

  • 9LF1110-6DA12-1AA1 - Premium for 1 Case

  • 9LF1110-6DA12-5AA1 - Premium  for 5 Cases

  • 9LF1110-6DA12-1BA1 - Premium  for 10 Cases

The communication phone number is +49 (0)911 895 7 222 and the fax  number is +49 (0)911 895 7 223

Online Support

Over the time, Siemens has developed an enormous amount of industry products, systems, and solutions renowned for their high performance and longevity. The Online Support is a comprehensive 24/7 information system for all enquiries about these products and solutions. More than 300.000 documents, examples, and tools provide comprehensive information for users from all industries

Here you can:

  • Find product related FAQs, downloads, Manuals, standard Software, support tools, service tools

  • Send your questions via our online Support Request

  • View existing conversations and talk to other users about specific product applications and issues. (Technical Forum )

  • Find informations about Our service offer (Repairs, spare parts and consulting)

Field Services

Highest availability of machines and plants is vital in all industries. Siemens provides Field Services and professional maintenance measures, such as inspection, maintenance, and fault clearance for industrial plants all over the world as well as an on-demand emergency service. The Services include commissioning, preventive maintenance, fault clearance, and service contracts.

All over the world, qualified Siemens specialists are available around the clock. The commissioning service comprises installation testing, function testing, parameterization, integration tests for machines and plants, trial runs, final approval, and training of employees. All services can be included in customized service contracts. This means that extended service times and defined reaction times as well as maintenance intervals can be fixed for any industrial plant. In addition to that, customized remote services provide the option of remote maintenance for drives

Repair Services

The reliable operation of electrical and electronic machines is the basis of constant processes in every industry. This is why the professional repair and maintenance of motors and converters is crucial. Siemens provides repair and regular maintenance service on site and in repair centers, as well as a technical emergency service all over the world. The Repair Services include all measures that are required for the fast restoration of faulty devices’ functionality.

Customers can focus on their key business, because the Siemens specialists take care of the entire customer and repair service for electrical and electronic devices. In addition to repair and technical emergency service, a range of services is available for plant operators from all industries. It includes spare parts logistics, spare parts storage, and fast manufacturing in case of emergencies. A global network of certified Siemens and third-party workshops enables Siemens to perform the maintenance and overhaul of motors, converters and other machines as a certified service partner. 

Spare parts

  • Spare parts secure plant availability

A missing spare part can compromise plant availability and cause production losses. It is good to know that the specialists from Siemens ensure a fast and smooth exchange process.

  • Spare parts and returns management

Do you want to minimise downtimes, keep all spare parts on hand for unplanned outages and provide your customers with fast spare parts delivery? Whether unplanned outages or planned maintenance, our spare parts management ensures that you will always have access to all the necessary spare parts. We offer this service for plant operators and device manufacturers in particular.

  • End of Product Lifecycle

Even after a product has been discontinued, your customer service must continue – a genuine challenge as product life cycles become ever shorter. We advise you in the planning and implementation of product phase-out strategies and support you with our technical and logistics services.

Service Contracts

Service contracts are customised service packages that meet the demands of a certain range of systems and products in automation and drive technology. The individual services that cover the entire lifecycle are perfectly matched and support the optimal utilisation of all machines and plants. The services that are comprised by a service contract can be customised flexibly at all times and can be employed independently of each other. The reduction of interfaces in the maintenance process, the reduction of downtime and calculable costs are particular advantages. The option to perform remote maintenance makes possible the outstandingly fast reaction to incidents in many cases.

Service contracts make the maintenance, optimisation and modernisation of industrial automation and drive technology more efficient and powerful and reduce costs at the same time. Flexible options, such as extended service times, agreed reaction times and customised service intervals, can be defined in a demand-oriented manner. The Siemens specialists’ comprehensive expert knowledge, reduced downtimes, calculable operating costs and the saving of maintenance resources ensure the highest availability and productivity of all machines and plants.

Technical Consulting & Engineering Support

The efficient design and continuous modernization of plants is a crucial factor in order to secure sustainable business success in all industries. Siemens provides maximum support to businesses – spanning from detailed analyses of the status quo and target definition to comprehensive consulting and all the way to the development of customized technical solutions. Professional support from engineering service and technical service targets areas that are critical for time and cost savings as well as for the implementation of utmost security.

Technical Consulting covers all matters of product and system choice for efficient industrial plants. The services include planning, consulting, and design as well as training, application support, and the verification of configurations throughout a plant’s entire lifecycle as well as in all matters of industrial security in production.