Siemens Energy Sector comprises electricity generation and power transmission and distribution. Siemens offers integrated solutions, systems and products intended for reliable, economical and environmentally friendly production and transfer of electricity to the consumers.

Siemens plans, studies, builds and supplies 'turn-key' thermical plants of energy production, which present the highest levels of performance in the world.

The company also builds production stations driven by hydroelectric power, which are among the greatest in the world, down to microsystems.

It responsibly undertakes to upgrade and improve the existing energy production units, thus increasing lifespan and enhancing performance.

It uses state-of-the-art systems of measurement, control and automation for all types of production stations, which safeguard a high level of availability of the units as well as considerable fuel saving.

The section of electricity production activates in the manufacture of turbines for industrial use as well and offers systems and solutions as they are found in mining, chemical and petrochemical installations as well as in oil and gas pipelines.

In the field of energy transfer and distribution, Siemens safeguards the safe and effective transfer of electrical power from the production unit to the consumer, with products, systems and services covering the full range from substations of ultra high voltage to distribution substations and from the control of load distribution in transfer networks to clients management in distribution networks.

On an international scale, Siemens is the greatest supplier of systems for substation security and transfer networks and at the same time has pioneering solutions to software and application of power electronics in electrical power transfer. Below are some typical examples of the developments Siemens has made in this section:

  • Manufacture of SF5 (GIL) gas-insulated pipelines for the transfer of high voltage and high intensity current in densely populated areas.

  • SICAM systems for the protection and optimisation of substation operation.

  • New generation of switchboards of medium voltage ('NX' series).

As soon as the electrical power market is decontrolled the need for integrated solutions, which may be easily adapted to the special requirements of each client, will increase sharply. Siemens has the solutions to such needs and undertakes the study, manufacture, installation and operation of the necessary works as well as the technical support and training of the staff.

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