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Medical Solutions & Equipment

Siemens has been active in the field of medical engineering for more than 100 years. Today Siemens Medical Solutions is the largest supplier of high technology equipment and systems of diagnosis and treatment all over the world.

Siemens is significantly active in Greece in the healthcare sector, equipping major hospitals and contributing to the improvement of quality of medical services available in Greece. Among others, the company offers systems and solutions for:

  • X-Ray diagnosis (radiodiagnosis)

  • Diagnosis with CT and MR tomography

  • Ultrasound diagnosis (ultra sound tomography)

  • Diagnostic nuclear medicine

  • Radiotherapy with linear accelerators

  • Lithotrity

  • Digital angiography

  • Digital archiving and management of diagnostic pictures RIS-PACS

  • Remote diagnostics through digital pictures

Modern Methods of Informing Clients and Providing them with Technical Support
Siemens has adapted modern and internationally tested methods of electronic data processing to fully inform its clients. Moreover, the company the method of remote diagnosis into action in Greece, which provides the hospitals with the opportunity to quickly detect most failures that may appear in medical apparatuses and enables the engineer responsible to intervene instantly. The percentage of permanent repair of failures through remote diagnosis amounts to approximately 30% of the cases today.

High Technology in the Service of Health
Siemens is a pioneer in the field of medical technology thanks to its experience during the development of the main high technologies (computers - electronic structural elements - telecommunications). In particular, by applying the advantages of wide range communications in the medical section, Siemens has developed SIENET, an integrated PACS system (Picture, Archiving and Communications System) of digital processing, transfer and filing of radiodiagnostic images, which enables doctors to diagnose through screen, while former X-Rays and diagnoses may be retrieved at any time from an interconnected central archive. Furthermore, the company has created the T.O.P. series (Time - Operation - Performance), a new generation of medical equipment, based on a network of optical fibres (T.O.P.-net) which saves time during patient examination and offers reliability as well as increased functionality and performance.

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