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Georgia is located in the Southeast of Europe, to be more precise, in Transcaucasia, East of the Black Sea and South of the Greater Caucasus. The country is a presidial Republic with an area of 69,700 square kilometers and approximately 4.7 million inhabitants.

Numerous state-controlled companies have been privatized since 2004, among these telecommunications companies, the Tbilisi airport, aircraft manufacturing plants and metal industry companies. The founding of companies has been massively simplified. The economy is growing rapidly, the estimated 2007 plus was at 12 percent. Black Sea tourism and agricultural products still form the main pillars of Georgia's economy. Georgian wine, which can be imported in the EU without restrictions, is a well-known product.

Siemens in Georgia

Siemens is presented in the country since 1860. The representative office in Georgia was opened in 1997 and  has been  directed by Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Österreich since July 2008. The strengths of Siemens in Georgia are the ability to look back on a long tradition in the country, the excellent reputation it enjoys among government officials and customers, highly qualified employees, low distribution costs and high profitability.

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