Kosovo is the newest country of the world. It was declared independent on February 17, 2008 after a transitional phase of international supervision. From a historical perspective, social and cultural, Kosovo belongs to Western civilization. In space today met its early traces of antiquity and the middle, then those of Christianity but also Islam, which left after five centuries of Ottoman occupation. Cultural diversity and tolerance between religion (moderate Christianity and Islam), the plaintiff filed a common heritage.
Although economically Kosovo is at a low level of development, however, it has all the prerequisites for a rapid development. It is about the great resources it possesses today (numerous minerals), fertile land, water and climate many mainland. Kosovo's natural resources, fertile fields, forests, mountains, along with opportunities for the development of agriculture and livestock, provide conditions for local tourism-mountain.
Kosovo has a young population, involved in extensive sewage systems to university education. Young men and women of Kosovo, see their future in a free and democratic society, which will integrate in all respects with the rest of Europe.