A profitable investment to keep your danger management system up and running

With Advantage Services for danger management systems (DMS) we look after your DMS to ensure its best performance and availability. The service offering comprises two customized service packages: Advantage Pre and Advantage Plus. Both provide expert support for highest system uptime, reliability, and smooth operation.

Choose the service contract that best meets your needs and add optional modules to tailor our service to your requirements. In deciding on the all-encompassing Advantage Plus service package, you are opting for financial certainty and assured business continuity.

All of our services will help extend your system’s lifetime and keep business interruptions to an absolute minimum – protecting your investment.

The highlights:

  • The proactive remote service SafeGuard identifies and solves critical system deviations remotely before they become problems. Business interruptions can be avoided and unscheduled downtime can be minimized. If a problem does occur, expert support will be provided within a guaranteed fast response time of 30 minutes.

  • With the guaranteed repair time any malfunction will be fixed within 24 hours. If not a 100 percent payback on the guaranteed repair time fee is offered.

  • Regular software upgrades provide latest technological advances and additional functions at no extra costs. The result: the customer can enjoy a state-of-the-art system and his investment is protected.

  • Data backup and recovery – to assure business continuity, it is crucial to protect highly sensitive system data. Backup copies of the facility’s specific software are made and, if required, also archived and safeguarded. In case of a data loss, the latest backup copy can quickly be restored following a pre-agreed procedure – and the DMS will be up and running again in no time.