2 MW E-Series Gas Engines

Best-in-class E-Series of Gas Engines

Siemens has launched a powerful new competitor in the expanding market for reciprocating engines for power generation use. The SGE-86EM engine is now available and will produce up to 2 MW of electrical power, giving clients more energy and greater cost-effectiveness.

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Siemens expands portfolio for distributed power generation in the low MW-range

It includes both, the SGE-86EM for the 50Hz market and the SGE-100EM for the 60Hz market. With 12 cylinders, the new E-series engine offers large volume per cylinder and high displacement.

With the new 2MW SGE-86EM and the SGE-100EM engines, Siemens provides a broader spectrum of products and solutions for environmentally friendly and efficient, resource-saving distributed energy production. With these new diesel and gas engines, Siemens expands its portfolio for distributed power generation in the low MW-range.