The comprehensive Siemens e-business portfolio includes the following functions:

Industry Mall

The Siemens Industry Mall is a platform that gives you access to the whole Siemens product portfolio. From product selection to placing an order and delivery tracking, Industry Mall covers the entire purchasing process – directly, and irrespective of time and place.


E-billing makes printing invoices, putting them in an envelope, and mailing them a thing of the past. The secure Siemens online e-billing service makes your invoice management easier and more efficient than ever before. Besides the obvious savings of time and money, you also get to save the environment at the same time. Sending invoices as PDF files is fully automatic.


Up to date even faster with SUS Download
Many updates, service packs, and upgrades are now also available via Online Software Delivery (OSD)to keep your software even faster and easier up to date.


ERP2Mall is a process for the conversion of customer-specific order information. As a customer, you create an order file manually or via your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and send it as an attachment with a specific subject line to a predefined Siemens e-mail address.

EDI Solutions

EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) is a sector-neutral, international standard for the exchange of business data between customer and supplier IT systems. Examples of these message types include ORDERS, ORDCHG, ORDRSP, and INVOIC.