Alpine Technologies

Cable Liner, cableways and ski lifts, snowmaking machines

The Technology Competence Center located in Innsbruck, Austria, supplies state-of-the-art automation and drive equipment for Cable Liners (automated people movers), cableways and ski lifts, as well as power supply systems, pump drives and controllers for snowmaking machines.

Cable Liners

The automated people mover (APM) is the future-oriented, high capacity concept for carrying passengers short distances comfortably, safely and, above all, cost-effectively. Siemens offers the Cable Liner for this new class of vehicle, a solution that meets the highest demands. Equipped with Siemens electrical equipment and the service-proven mechanical systems from Doppelmayr Cable Car, the cable-drawn, modular-constructed Cable Liner is the ideal transport alternative for airports, shopping centers, show grounds, leisure and theme parks, as well as for urban transport networks with special requirements.APM systems have proven themselves to be ideal wherever large numbers of people have to be carried short distances quickly, safely and comfortably. Their possible applications are many and various, so the demand for APM systems is continually rising.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Fully automatic operation – without driver or attendant

  • Cost-effective management of operations

  • Short waiting times for passengers

  • Simple system integration

  • Eco-friendly, emissions-free operation

Cableways and snowmaking machines

Every year, all over the world many hundreds of millions of people are transported by cable-drawn systems. The high availability of the installations and their operational safety depend to a large extent on the reliability of their electrical equipment.With an innovative solution portfolio for constructors and operators of cableways and snowmaking machines, the Siemens Drive Technologies  Division (DT) offers a wide range of drive, automation and visualization solutions, as well as services from system engineering through assembly and commissioning on-site to maintenance and servicing, as well as trouble-shooting.

Cableway systems

Siemens, with its wide range of products, is the number 1 for power, drive and automation equipment for cableways and ski lifts. Four aspects were and are decisive in our reaching and staying at the very top:

  • Top quality from one source

  • Guaranteed safety and reliability

  • Optimized price/performance ratio

  • Partnership with comprehensive service

Power and drive equipment for cableways: With all the power of the market leader

Modern cableways and ski lifts place high demands on the power and drive equipment. Fulfilling these demands perfectly requires not only the highest product quality but also, and above all, system quality. For example, minimizing the jerk during starting, acceleration and deceleration phases is a particularly difficult challenge for which Siemens offers excellent solutions. And not only for that, our range of products and services – marketed under the generic name Siemens Alpine Technologies – includes products and solutions for energy supply, transmission and distribution down to low voltage level. And we offer DC and three-phase drive solutions with powers ranging up to several thousand kilowatts.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Many years of experience of power and drive engineering for cable-drawn systems

  • Comprehensive electrical engineering know-how

  • Synergetic effects from Siemens worldwide

  • Integrated approach and handling of projects

  • Transparent costs and optimum cost/benefit ratio

Automation technology for cableway systems: What you can rely on

It's all about the safety of your passengers! And at the same time the optimum usage of the system capacities. State-of-the-art automation solutions from Siemens open up completely new dimensions for both areas. Our solutions are centered around SIMATIC S7 fail-safe programmable logic controllers, and their performance capabilities are ideal for cableways and ski lifts. Siemens control solutions ensure trouble-free, automated operation, and reduce the risk of technical failures bringing the system to a standstill to an absolute minimum. One of the main quality criteria of our solutions are the fully developed communications interfaces. They make it easy for the personnel to carry out the many and various operating and monitoring processes. All the essential information is presented in a user-friendly manner on large displays, which ensures efficient operation and system control.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable products and solutions of top quality standard

  • Greater system safety through fail-safe controllers

  • System availability optimized by reducing stoppage times

  • Short commissioning times

  • User-friendly visualization of all operating and shutdown data

  • Integrated fault detection saves time when service is required

  • The entire process is optimized by intelligent software solutions

Snowmaking machines

A winter without plenty of snow is simply unthinkable for winter sport regions. Snowmaking machines together with ascending aids have therefore already become essential standard facilities in many skiing areas. As a leading supplier, Siemens offers a comprehensive range of electrotechnical products and solutions. Here again, we specialize in power supply and distribution solutions, as well as automation and drive engineering.

Power supply and distribution for snowmaking machines: Up-to-date electrical engineering

Reliable power supply and distribution solutions for pumping stations form the backbone of efficient snowmaking machines. As a system supplier and manufacturer of all the components required, Siemens possesses decisive advantages in this area. The use of programmable logic controllers also ensures the essential safety and efficiency. The range offered by Siemens Alpine Technologies is rounded off by user-friendly touch screen systems for monitoring and controlling.

Automation technology for snowmaking machines: Plenty of snow at the right time

Snow falls when the weather is right for it, but that cannot be controlled. Snowmaking machines equipped with Siemens Alpine Technologies go into action when conditions are optimal for the use of snow cannons.The magic white stuff then starts to be created completely automatically. The operating personnel only have to monitor the process. The automation technology even handles the resource-saving management of power and water.

All the advantages at a glance::

  • Many years of experience of power engineering

  • Comprehensive electrical engineering know-how

  • Synergy effects from Siemens worldwide

  • Integrated approach and handling of projects

  • Transparent costs and optimal cost/benefit ratio

  • Short commissioning times

  • User-friendly visualization of all operating and shutdown data

  • Integrated fault detection saves time when service is required

  • Intelligent software optimizes the entire process