Snowmaking facilities

Global climate changes are resulting in less snowfall in alpine regions. This can especially lead to problems at lower altitudes. The low amount of snow is frequently no longer sufficient to naturally create the excellent slope conditions we have come to expect today. In order to still optimally utilize the capacities of skiing regions, we offer long-term automation know-how in the segment of snowmaking facilities. As a leading provider, Siemens can offer a comprehensive electrotechnical product and solutions spectrum. Our focus in this regard is also on solutions for power supply and distribution, drive and automation technology as well as the realization of higher-level control systems.

Power supply and distribution for snowmaking facilities:
"State of the art" electro-technique
Reliable solutions for the supply and distribution of power in the pump stations form the backbone of efficient snowmaking facilities. As a system provider and manufacturer of all components required for this purpose, Siemens has decisive advantages on its side in this regard. Furthermore, the utilization of programmable logic controls ensures safety and efficiency, also essential in this field. User-friendly touchscreen systems for monitoring and control purposes round off the Siemens snowmaking machine portfolio.

Automation technology in snowmaking facilities:
An abundance of snow at the right time
Snowfall occurs whenever suitable weather conditions are present. This, however, cannot be controlled. The snowmaking machines fitted by Siemens are activated when optimal conditions are in place for the utilization of the snowmakers. As a consequence, the production of the powder is executed in a fully automated way. The sole task of the operating personnel is to monitor the process. The automation technology even takes over the resource-conserving energy and water management.

With the higher-level Siemens control system SIMATIC WinCC, the entire skiing region is monitored. We do not only offer the visualization of the pump stations and snowmakers, but also proven features such as load management, building management and the integration of snow level measurement systems.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Long-term power egineering know-how

  • Comprehensive electrotechnical know-how

  • Synergy effects due to enterprise Siemens

  • Holistic perception and project handling

  • Transparent costs and optimized cost-benefit ratio

  • Short-term start-up phase

  • User-friendly visualization of all operating and shut-down databenutzer

  • Zeitersparnis due to integrated error recognition in the event of service

  • Optimization of the whole process via intelligent software

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