How to Get the Better of Infectious Waste Disposal

How to solve the problem of the ever-increasing amount of infectious waste in an environment-friendly and efficient way? The solution is simple: grind it to powder and decontaminate it. We are pleased to present you with a device called Converter which is so advantageous that it even pays for itself.

Waste Material Turned into Fuel

Siemens offers a unique solution for health-care institutions which can decrease the costs on itself significantly. In fact, there is one possibility: to use a device named Converter which can turn infectious or even contaminated waste into fuel with the same calorific value as the one of lignite.

The Converter works as a single-chamber grinder in which the waste is ground into small non-identifiable particles. These are heated to 151 °C, cooled and removed. Thanks to this technology, the final material is completely sterile regardless of the initial level of its microbiological contamination.

Despite the fact that the process involves increasing the temperature inside the device, no direct source of heat is necessary. Instead, the heat is generated by means of changing mechanical energy into thermal energy during the process. The final material looks like common dust from a vacuum cleaner; it is completely sterile, dry, odourless and without sharp components. Furthermore, the Converter diminishes the volume of the input infectious waste by 70% and thanks to the dehydration process it also reduces the input weight almost by a third.

Environment-Friendly, Efficient, and Economical

Thanks to their complex approach, Siemens is able to design this device according to the needs of each health-care institution as well as to install the device and, consequently, to ensure the utilization of the output product. a

On the top of this, the waste heat generated during the operation of the device can also be put to use, for instance to pre-heat warm non-potable water. Using their know-how in the field of health-care as well as in Building Technologies, Siemens is able to ensure a complete integration of the device into the operation of the health-care institution in such a way so as to make use all of its advantages to the maximum. They can also advise on financing. If the customer does not have enough money to buy a Converter, Siemens can find the resources to fund the overall investment and ensure its consequent repayment from the generated savings.