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Remote control and management of Siemens Building Technologies devices has become a reality with Inthouse

Let us introduce the Inthouse App, a new mobile application for remote control of all devices that use Siemens Climatix controllers. The application is particularly suitable for manufacturers of boilers, heat exchangers, air handling units and other building technologies equipment, who can now offer their customers a simple remote control and management solution for their devices.

In the near future we will also offer you the Inthouse Access Point, a device that will make possible an even simpler and secure connection from anywhere in the world and also connection of the lower controller models via ModBus RTU.

The Inthouse App mobile application with multi-language support is fully configurable, including color schemes, icons, images, user presets and favorites. Updates of both the application and the user configuration are naturally fully automatic.
The Inthouse software is unique in its quick and simple installation and easy maintenance. To set up a mobile device it is only necessary to enter the configuration ID and to choose the connection method. It takes less than an hour to create a new App configuration and no programming knowledge is needed. The configurations are managed with the user-friendly Inthouse Studio desktop tool, where the structure of the Climatix controller application is displayed and the chosen data points can be linked to chosen graphical elements via Drag & Drop. The deployment of the configuration to the end users can be done with a few clicks of mouse.

Manufacturers can obtain this visualization directly from Siemens. End users need to request this application from the manufacturers of devices that include the Climatix controller. The application works on all mobile devices with the operating system Android 4 and newer. Launch for iOS is planned for 2017.

Application benefits:

* Easy operation from anywhere
* Secure connection
* Multilanguage support
* Fully configurable
* Automatic updates
* Simple commisioning and easy maintanance

You can find out more on the website: