Siemens Česká republikaSiemens Česká republika
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Siemens Electric Machines Drásov s.r.o.  


Tel.: +420 549 426 103
Fax: +420 541 231 028

Drásov 126
664 24


Siemens Electric Machines s.r.o.

Siemens Electric Machines Ltd. in Drasov is engaged in development, production and sales
of synchronous generators up to 25 MVA and motors ( synchronous and asynchronous)
up to power of 20MW. Our machines are used on the largest passenger and cruise liner ships of the world, trains, oil platforms and in industry.The plant in Drasov is located only 22 km
from Brno and has more than a hundred years of history. For over 20 years we are part
of Siemens. We have 700 employees , produce an average of 350 machines per year, most
of which is exported to countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Postal address

Siemens Electric Machines Drasov s.r.o.

Drasov 126
664 24 Drasov
Czech Republic