Telecommunications and media

The main activities of Siemens PSE Ltd. in the telecommunications field are:

  • development of telecommunications sytems and software

  • delivering complete telecommunications systems for industry customers

  • support of local operation

  • service management

  • consultancy, professional advising

  • system integration

  • application integration

  • project-specific development of mediation devices


The convergence of telecommunications and media has been further accelerated by the extensive growth of smart-phones and tablet pc-s in the last years. Based on the broad experience of our company in the field of telecommunications and the on the innovative power of our colleagues the CMT has provided several exciting, new solutions for the media market. Two examples are the award-winning video-on-demande solutions Ovet-the-top-tv and the eMagazine Factory which replaces the paper-based publishing by a fully digitalized solution. More information about these solutions can be found on the following links:

31/08/2011 | Author: Siemens CMT HU Communication - Fekete Dorottya