Ethical code

Basic Behavioral Requirements

  • Behavior which Complies with Law

  • Mutual Respect, Honesty and Integrity

  • Responsibility for the Reputation of Siemens

  • Management, Responsibility and Supervision

Treatment of Business Partners and Third Parties

  • Fair Competition and Anti-Trust Laws

  • Anti-Corruption: Offering and Granting Advantages

  • Anti-Corruption: Demanding and Accepting Advantages

  • Political Contributions, Charitable Donations and Sponsoring

  • Government Procurement

  • Anti-money Laundering

  • Trade Controls

  • Working with Suppliers

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

  • Competing with Siemens

  • Sideline Work

  • Interests in Third Companies

Handling of Company Property

Handling of Information

  • Records and Financial Integrity

  • Confidentiality

  • Data Protection and Data Security

  • Insider Trading Rules

Environment, Safety and Health

  • Environment and Technical Safety

  • Work Safety

Complaints and Comments

Compliance Implementation and Monitoring

04/09/2011 | Author: Siemens CMT HU Communication - Fekete Dorottya