Why to work at Siemens PSE?


Our company has become the one of the fastest rapidly growing software developing business. We started the company with 42 people in 1993. This number has been increased up to 500 employees (together with our Szeged office opened in summer of 2000). We are proud of the fact that most of our employees have college or university degree in information sciences, electrical engineering, mathematician programmer.

We are excited to work in teams and we think training is very important for us. Almost all of us speak German and we use English more and more.We know that the success of the company highly depends on our people, therefore our management takes extra efforts to make our work more effective. In our  office in Budapest, which is located on Hungaria Avenue in Budapest (called “Siemens Empire”), you find the latest technology of the 21st century with state of art office equipment, nice and comfortable offices having few people at one place.

We always support the development of individual skills that is why we often organize professional and leadership training sessions, language courses. Above all, the company sets up free time activities and outdoor events in order to give chance for our employees to meet each other.Having seen the energy and hard work taken into the projects by our people, the company provides benefits such as good salary and a list of social benefits.

18/09/2011 | Author: CMT HU Communication - Fekete Dorottya