Siemens in the world and in Hungary

Siemens in the world

Siemens. Network of InnovationThe Siemens concern with headquarter in Munich is a global network, where more than 450 000 employees worldwide develop and implement a huge range of products, systems, devices and various solutions. With the innovation Siemens plays an important role in 200 countries worldwide, creating the technical and economical success of its partners and customers. The company has more than 500 offices in 50 countries and sales offices in 200 countries.The concern is in the world’s top 3 companies in electronics, has a huge experience in the area of information, communication, automation, driving and energy, transport, medical and lighting technologies. Through the business relations of its joint ventures (sister companies), Siemens is working in more areas, such as financing, development of real estate, manufacturing of semiconductors and home electronic devices. Its solutions and products are for every day people as well, not just for the players of the economical life.70% turnover of the company is from international companies; more than the half of the employees are working outside of Germany.Form of CooperationOur company is connected to the concern via the network of CVC. CVC is getting orders from the business segments of Siemens for software development, which is related mostly to developments of telecommunication. Other areas of the economical life are also customers such as industry, trade and tourism. The solutions of Siemens CVC do not directly go into the world market, but through the products of the concern and through the sales of the products. The orders cover all steps of software development and project phases therefore Siemens CVC provides complete solutions.

Siemens in Hungary

Siemens has been present on the Hungarian market for 115 years. Nowadays the concern, having 18 companies, has a strong position with effect on the economical life and has become leader among the companies in the branch of electronics. More than the two third of the income in the fiscal year 2001 came from the businesses of information and communication and one fourth came from the transport, industry and energy sectors.

Contacts to Universities

Having the history of more than 150 years of Siemens, the company has always focused on the future talents of Informatics worldwide. Siemens PSE Ltd. plays the same role, because the future of the company depends on the continuity of innovation, well trained employees and the excellent performance of higher education where they get the knowledge from. The goal of corporation is that the best lecturers would be able to stay on their university careers and institutes would have secure economical background with innovative environment in a long term.Our company plays corporative role with higher education having the courses in electrical engineering, programming and information sciences. On a yearly basis:

• scholarships for lecturers and students

• support of special themes and diploma work 

• support of purchases for hardware, software and professional lectures

• university job fairs

• internship at Siemens PSE and Siemens

• open day for students

31/08/2011 | Author: Siemens CMT HU Communication - Fekete Dorottya