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Over-the-top TV

Innovative solution from CMT: OVER-THE-TOP-TV. Choose your favourite film on your smart-phone or tablet pc and simple SWIPE it onto your TV! Just one easy move and it starts already. Utilize the business oportunities of OTT (OVER-THE-TOP-TV) and IP-TV at the same time! Start your business based on OTT without risks! Interested how? Check out this video:

Cost optimization using the solutions from Siemens PSE

The new financial year brougth significant changes in the life of Siemens PSE Ltd. The structure was renewed and since the 1st of October 2010 the firm is part of Siemens Communications, Media and Technology (CMT).  In the past the vast majority of our projects were related to foreign customers but in the future the clear goal is to strengthen our position on the local Hungarian market. In order to support this strategic goal, Siemens PSE offers several solutions to support local enterprises. The financial crisis enhanced again the necessity of cost-optimization. The proper handling of IT- and network infrastructures as well as the services and business processes become very important - said Ákos Szekendy, CEO of Siemens CMT Hungary. Today, in a very strong price-based competiton of products and services preserving the customers is a very important factor. High customer statisfaction requires specific, tailored solutions.

CONDIS - a tool for effective resource management

CONDIS® is the foundation of an effective service- and resource management. Beyond the rationalization of the network infrastructure CONDIS offers a comprehensive and precise database. This task becomes more and more complex with the increasing complexity and heterogeneity of the managed networks. If we loose control, inconsistent data-records, data-cemeteries appear which increase the necessary time of troubleshooting and in general the cost of operation. A consolidated register and a user-friendly tool solve the above mentioned problems. The main characteristics of CONDIS is the built-in support for heterogeneous technologies and key-processes, extensive automatization possibilities and effective service-management. The introduction of CONDIS helps to significantly reduce the operational costs and the better usage of the existing resources already in a short term.

CRM solutions

The customer relationship management (CRM) solutions of Siemens CMT support the customers' business processes and the effective and accurate customer service. The CRM systems are not simple software deliveries, our customers get a tailored solution which thoroughly supports their business modell and increase its effectiveness. In order to fulfill this goal Siemens CMT alloys broad range of experiences from former CRM projects and for the planning, development, support and maintenance of CRM projects relies on local, Hungarian professionals. Siemens CMT recommends the integration of CONDIS and CRM solutions. Both systems are availables as a cloud based software as a service. (Extract from Figyelõ, issue: 2010.12.09.)

18/09/2011 | Author: CMT HU Communication - Fekete Dorottya