The Siemens Compliance System

Being a responsible company – this is our foundation. With our compliance system, we want to establish compliance in the minds and actions of all Siemens employees.

For Siemens, promoting integrity means acting in accordance with our values – responsible, excellent, and innovative – wherever we do business. A key element of integrity is compliance: adherence to the law and to our own internal regulations. We have zero tolerance for corruption and violations of the principles of fair competition.

The Siemens Compliance System is divided into three action levels: Prevent, Detect and Respond. These action levels encompass a comprehensive system of activities by which we intend to ensure that our business is completely in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as with our own internal principles and rules.

Siemens Compliance System

Business Conduct Guidelines

"The Business Conduct Guidelines are of central importance to Siemens. They contain the fundamental principles and rules governing the way we act within our company and in relation to our part¬ners and the general public. They thus form the framework within which we make decisions, both as a company and as individual employees. Every Siemens employee must therefore be familiar with these principles and rules, and observe them as binding provi¬sions on a worldwide basis. All managers have a duty to ensure their observance, and to serve as role-models in adhering to the Business Conduct Guidelines. To this end they must know the Business Conduct Guidelines, communicate them to their employees and set a good example. The Business Conduct Guidelines take their orientation from international and generally accepted conventions on the upholding of human rights or the fight against corruption, as well as statutory provisions. Since its foundation, Siemens has stood for fairness and integrity, engineering skills, quality and innovation. Along with sustainability and responsibility, these values will continue to inform how we act in the future, because it is the culture of a company and its values that make the difference."

Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens AG 

Tell us

Siemens employees and managers, customers, suppliers and other business partners, as well as all other external stakeholders of Siemens can use the compliance help desk “Tell Us” to report violations of the Siemens Business Conduct Guidelines at any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world, in a safe, confidential and if desired, anonymous manner.


The Ombudsman is an impartial instance to which Siemens employees and third parties can report their observations of improper business practices in the Company and do so in a confidential and also anonymous manner. Report may be submitted in English or German.

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