Цифровий сертифікат

Siemens issues digital certificates ("Certificates", also known as "Digital IDs") to its employees and agents, to its known business partners and to Siemens web sites in accordance with its

The following Siemens Public Key Infrastructure ("PKI") basic documents are available upon request, as necessary and appropriate, from the contact office referred to in the "Public Key Infrastructure Disclosure Statement":

  • Certification Practice Statement / Certificate Policy ("CPS/CP") of: - Siemens Issuing Certification Authority(ies) ("CA(s)")

  • Sample Certificate Usage and Electronic Transaction Agreement with Known Business Partner for Siemens Issuing CA-Issued Certificates (with responsibilities of each Party's end-user(s), who both hold a Siemens Certificate ("Subscriber(s)") and rely on a Siemens Certificate ("Relying Party(ies)")

  • Sample Relying Party Agreement (with responsibility of end-user(s) who are Relying Party(ies) only - not Subscriber(s))

Limited warranty and disclaimer / Limitation of liability

Except as explicitly provided in an applicable agreement with an Authorized Relying Party or Subscriber, Siemens Issuing CA(s) expressly disclaims all representations, warranties (express or implied) and liability -- except for willful misconduct and gross negligence -- concerning the functionality, issuance, use, validity, or accuracy of Siemens Certificates, including the identity of any person named by a Siemens Certificate or their authority to act on behalf of Siemens.

Siemens Certification Authority Certificates

Siemens has made the Siemens CA(s) Certificates available for downloading. Besides the own (internal) Root CA Siemens runs the "Siemens Internet CA" certified by the public "Baltimore CyberTrust Root" to establish an external trust. Please find an overview of the structure and different CA Certificates in Siemens PKI CA Hierarchy (PDF).

Public Certificate Repository

Siemens operates a publicly accessible Certificate Repository. In the Certificate Repository the Certificates of the Siemens PKI are stored. The Certificate Repository is available on the Internet to enable the exchange of secure e-mails with Siemens.

Using Siemens certificates (including downloading from the Certificate Repository) is acceptance of "Siemens Public Key Infrastructure Disclosure Statement".

The Certificate Repository offers an Online Search for Siemens certificates. To retrieve Certificates directly from the Certificate Repository, it must be set up and configured as LDAP directory in the respective e-mail encryption program.


Domain Name



Search Base





Authentication with Siemens PKI

PGP certificates in the Certificate Repository:

The Certificate Repository also contains the Siemens PGP certificates. It can be used with all PGP clients supporting LDAP

European Bridge CA

Siemens is a member of the European Bridge CA.

The European Bridge CA operates a virtual Directory Service. Certificates of participants from different companies can be called up via this Directory Service. For this the LDAP-queries of the Bridge-CA are forwarded to the repositories of the connected organizations. Also the Siemens PKI Certificate Repository can be called up via this service.

The European Bridge CA offers an online search for certificates. Here also all Siemens certificates can be found if the correct mail-address is provided.

To use the Bridge-CA Repository it must be set up and configured as an LDAP directory the respective e-mail encryption program:


Domain Name



Search Base